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The Life & Legacy of Alonzo Herndon

Roosevelt Giles, Chairman of the Board at Atlanta Life Financial, discusses the history of Atlanta Life and the bold moves taken by its founder Alonzo Herndon, an African-American born into slavery turned entrepreneur, in the early 1900's to create what is now known as Atlanta Life. Giles also discusses the new Alonzo Herndon award and its meaning.

D&I Playbook with Regis Coccia

The business case for diversity and inclusion programs is well-articulated. Organizations in many industries with D&I cultures are outperforming those without them. The insurance industry has made strides toward increasing the diversity of its talent, but it can do more. “Diversity & Inclusion: A Playbook for the Insurance Industry” is intended to help insurance organizations implement, improve and measure the success of D&I programs.

2020 D&I Survey Results with Andy Toh, Business Insurance

Andy Toh, Director of Research, Planning and Insights at Business Insurance, presents the results of this year's Diversity & Inclusion Survey. With over 2,200 responses from U.S.-based representatives across the insurance industry, Toh was enabled to compare some individual minority groups' responses, especially from Black, Hispanic and Asian/Pacific Islander respondents, rather than a combined nonwhite minority group, adding an additional depth of insight. In light of the events preceding the 2020 diversity survey (conducted between July 9 and Aug 3), there was a greater urgency to take the temperature of the insurance professionals on issues that will certainly affect their workplace. We encourage members of the insurance industry to tune into this session for more details or read the full report Diversity in the workplace: Protests and pandemic exposed racial disconnect. 

Together Apart: D&I in the Era of Social Distancing

This panel of industry leaders address the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the workplace, particularly D&I efforts. Layoffs, reduced budgets, isolation and the lack of networking have affected employees around the globe. As corporations scramble to maintain an efficient and productive workforce how has D&I fared during this period and what can be done to ensure that momentum will not be lost?

Session moderated by Kim Davis.

Leaders Like Me: Breaking Barriers for Black Men in Insurance

Black males are strikingly absent from the insurance industry and in leadership positions. Is it a lack of mentorship, a lack of exposure, nepotism, basic unconscious bias or something else? This panel of industry experts explore the reasons and possible solutions at a moment when the conversation and focus on race has intensified and must be addressed.

Session moderated by Ericka DeBruce.

We Know the Industry's Report Card: Now Let's Get to Work

This panel of experienced professionals discuss the foundation of D&I in the insurance industry, why efforts have not progressed further, and how to move forward at this critical moment. Identity and belonging are crucial elements for a successful organization to grow and thrive. How will the insurance industry embrace a culture that fosters an inclusive and diverse workplace and what is it doing right now?

Session moderated by Tracy Lampert.

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