Women to Watch EMEA Virtual Awards & Leadership Conference - Full Conference Recording

CEO Panel: How to Build Resilience, Support Transitioning, and Lead Through Change in Times of Crisis

This panel of esteemed CEOs discuss the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the corporate culture; how they have responded to this crisis and how inspired leadership can support an evolving culture in the midst of great change.

Session moderated by Dave North.

Young Professionals Panel: A Changing Workplace and The Future of Work

This panel of young professionals presents a fresh perspective on the changing face of the workplace. Flexible hours, working from home, virtual meetings all were important components of what many members of this generation had desired. Now it is a reality. What will the future bring?

Session moderated by Kirsten Early.

2020 Women to Watch EMEA: Keynote: The High Road to Success featuring Dame Inga Beale

Dame Inga Beale's brilliant path to the pinnacle of her career was not a simple journey. Her inspiring story reveals how being one's authentic self is the true high road to success.

2020 Women to Watch EMEA Winner Tribute

In lieu of an awards ceremony this year, we asked our winners some questions about leading during a crisis, lessons learned on their career path, advice for the future and more. Watch to hear what the 2020 class of EMEA Women to Watch winners had to say.

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